Our Commitment

We have developed a culture of exceptional guest service; the central part of which are high Wynn Standards. Wynn Standards include Wynn Values and Wynn Promises. Wynn Standards serve as a guide to any situation that an employee may encounter. Because our employees' study, discuss and make these habits their own, we are able to maintain our reputation of excellent service to our guests and co-workers alike, with distinction.

Who We Are Our Core Values

  • Care about everyone and everything
  • Show never-ending attention to details
  • Take responsibility; don’t leave it to others
  • Always strive to be better

What We Do The Wynn Promise

  • Be in the moment
  • Show gratitude
  • Smile and make eye contact
  • Work together
  • Know our property and its amenities
  • Take pride in our property
  • Present your best self
  • Communicate professionally

How We Do It Property and Department Standards

Be in the Moment

  • Show a genuine sense of interest and concern for our guests' satisfaction
  • Anticipate guest needs by listening and looking for clues to exceed their expectations
  • Use the guest surname discreetly when available as a sign of recognition
  • Proactively approach guests whenever possible, acknowledging

Show Gratitude

  • Be genuine and hospitable, thanking our guests for their visit
  • Politely close interactions warmly, always inviting our guests to return

Smile and Make Eye Contact

  • Be attentive to our guests and make eye contact

Work Together

  • Communicate guest requests by relaying information to others
  • Take responsibility, apologize for inconveniences, work toward a mutual solution
  • Offer alternate solutions when a request is not available

Know Our Resort and its Amenities

  • Know the functions of your department and the role that you play
  • Be well informed about the resort and its amenities, obtaining assistance when needed

Take Pride in Our Resort

  • Pick up any litter or trash that you see
  • Maintain a clean and comfortable atmosphere

Present your Best Self

  • Maintain professional appearance with clean, well-fitted uniforms or business attire
  • Be extremely well groomed
  • Maintain alert posture, appearing approachable to guests

Communicate Professionally

  • Use complete sentences, avoiding slang and phrase fragments
  • Speak with a calm, clear, confident voice
  • Use proper telephone etiquette